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Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result = insanity.  When what you’re doing isn’t getting you to your goal, it’s time to change it up!  Now, I don’t like change. I like my routine – don’t interfere with it people! Unless you just WANT to see “Grumpy Tracie.” But I digress …

Every time something new has been thrown at me in my journey to wellness, I’ve balked and complained. I have to change something? Again? UGH! I usually get overwhelmed because I make it worse in my mind than it really is. Can I get an amen?

My journey started with removing food from my diet that was making me sick.  Is this temporary or permanent? You mean I can’t ever eat these foods again? (little did I know at the time that this food was just junk anyway – I’ve come to the point now where I don’t miss or need it).  I’m going to elaborate more on this in a different post.

Last year I quit losing weight. (click to read about losing 100lbs) After evaluating my routine and doing some labs, my weight loss coach and trainer told me that I was over training. Really? I watch the Biggest Loser … they work hard on that show (everything is real on TV, right?) – all day long they workout.  So, my 5 am cycle class on MWF followed by another hour long group fitness class, yoga on Tues and Sun, personal training on Tues, Thurs, and Saturday and then a 30 mile bike ride was too much?  Apparently. My adrenals were fatigued. Overworked. Kaput.

New plan. I had to make a choice. Two recovery days, more yoga, less intense workouts. Slow down.  This was really hard for me to wrap my mind around. Doing less will give me better results? Honestly, I didn’t buy it. I only half-heartedly followed the plan.  I gave myself one recovery day (Sunday – its the day of rest, right?). Dropped one PT session a week and limited myself to 1 hr of classes on MWF – which was a significant cut. But probably not enough. And I didn’t always follow it – I would slip in an extra class here and there and still push the intensity when I could.

Guess what? Nothing changed. I still fluctuate within a 10 lb range. Up and down. Up and down. {SIGH} Not real surprising since I didn’t really give it a chance. A year later and I’m in the same place. But now I’m ready to commit. For real. I’m going to trust that “the experts” know what they’re talking about and I’m going to truly do my best to follow the plan.

Before I outline the plan I want to share another piece of the puzzle. Hormones. Yes, indeed. Hormones. So important to a healthy body and so easily jacked up.  My female hormones have never really worked right. My past doctors have prescribed birth control pills to help me to have a cycle, but did you know that they don’t help you with hormone issues? I assumed that the pill was making it all work right. Replacing the hormones or making my body make them or something. I’m not really sure exactly but I just assumed that it was ok because my dr gave it to me.  Nope. Not at all. Not only is it not helping my hormones, but they are also bad for me – for many reasons that I’m not going into right now. So I quit taking them. This was just a few months before I quit losing the weight. Coincidence? I think not. But it took me almost a year to connect the dots.

Last fall I began to suspect that my hormones might be contributing to the issues, especially as I read more about adrenal fatigue.  I found a new GYN and this is how she explained it: My body does not produce estrogen normally, so my adrenals must kick in to do the work.  The adrenals use fat to make estrogen – since fat is needed, my body must hang on to the fat. It takes my body approximately 5-6 months to build up enough estrogen to trigger a cycle, then it starts all over again.  Light bulb moment!  I’ve been overweight my entire adult life and my hormones have never worked right.

We don’t know what is causing my hormone disfunction. I’m doing more testing including thyroid – I hate waiting for results …. in due time, hopefully we’ll know more. But our course of treatment for my body’s lack of hormone production is hormone replacement therapy.  My HRT of choice is called the Wiley Protocolbioidentical hormones.  I would love to find a more natural approach without the use of pharmaceuticals but for now this is my route.  I’m almost 4 months into it and have had my estrogen amounts increased twice.  Guess I’ve been too estrogen deprived.  I use both estrogen and progesterone creams – differing amounts each day according to how the cycle should run.  I’m hoping that this will alleviate some of the stress that my adrenals have been under …

Now for the rest of the plan:

Diet: I’ve decided to go a little drastic here. 1st Personal Diet by Dr. Cohen. The premise of this diet is to get the hormones responsible for metabolism back in balance.  Hormones. Again. Blah! My plan is based on my metabolic profile (blood work) that I had done.  I have my plan and expect there the be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for the first few days – for a few reasons. First, because I have to follow it precisely and have lost my freedom to eat what I want. They have a specific list of foods that I can have.  Second because I have a routine of cooking all my meals for the week on Sunday.  Now I have to weigh the food before it’s cooked and the types of food and amounts vary for each meal. I’m going to have to figure out how to cook each meal – one at a time – ahead of time.  Third, I may feel like I’m starving for the first 3-4 days – that’s what they told me.  Well, they didn’t use the word “starve” but that’s what I heard. 🙂 No worries, it’s not a starvation diet, but it is less than I’m accustomed to eating.


  • 2 Recovery days each week.  Most of the times it will be Sunday and Wednesday (but may vary if my schedule changes a bit).
  • Training with my personal trainer Tues and Thursday. She is modifying my workouts to so that they are not real intense, but still getting things done.  Heavier weights, lower reps or focus on core with some yoga-like circus tricks mixed in, stability.
  • Cardio – zone training – low intensity. Zones 1, 2, occasionally 3. Probably mostly cycling since that is my favorite thing to do. Monday, Friday and Saturday.
  • I’m hoping to mix in a yoga or pilates class once a week – may even replace one of my cardio days. It will depend on how I feel with the diet.

So this is what I’m committed to doing for the next 3 months. No quitting. Maybe some whining and complaining along the way. But I’ll push through it.  I actually decided to start this blog so that I could document my progress.  I’ve already started the exercise part – the diet begins on Sunday, Feb 26, 2012.  I’ll share my starting stats at that point and my thoughts for the first day.

Let the fat loss begin!