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I don’t plan on posting about this diet every day, but thought it would be good to talk about the first few days. First of all, I survived day 1! YAY! I was hungry and did have a headache in the evening but other than that, it was ok. I’m not so sure that my timing has been great for starting this new eating plan … I’m currently working a later shift than normal (3pm-midnight), so this has been a challenge as well. But I’m back on my normal schedule next week.

I got some more cooking done today … fish and veggies
Also, thought I’d show you what my meal plans look like – here’s this week
On the left I usually write my inventory – what do I already have? I didn’t do that on this one, but you get the idea. Then I fill in the meals for each day. On the bottom, I write out what I need for each meal. This is how I get my grocery list. I usually have for lunch whatever I made for dinner the previous day, hence the arrows.

So, here is today’s meals: (minus the magic mouse)
Breakfast is 1 egg with spinach and squash and mango, lunch was salad with chicken, dinner was fish, squash and asparagus. Had the apple between lunch and dinner and then the orange later on after dinner. Oh, another rule: no food after 9pm.

My challenge today was delivering brownies to my co-workers without joining in on the consumption! OUCH! I use this yummy gluten free recipe from Elana’s Pantry. I’m not supposed to have chocolate so I substitute Chatfield’s Carob Power and carob chips for the chocolate. Most people don’t even realize it’s different. 🙂 Everyone that I make them for love them.

Another challenge was nausea this evening. This, too shall pass.
The orange saved me.

Now for some lemon ginger tea.