Thank God the day is almost over! Today has been tough! Yesterday wasn’t too bad but for some reason, I really struggled today. HUNGRY!!! Maybe it was because today was a cardio day. I’ll certainly have to keep an eye on that. I might be doing too much cardio for this meal plan. Even though I’ve toned it down intensity wise, I may have to decrease the time some as well.

At any rate, I got some more cooking done today …

Shredded cauliflower and spinach

Tofu, cauliflower and spinach

Today’s Meals:

Day 3

Soy yogurt with mango for breakfast, fish, asparagus, yellow squash for lunch, tofu, spinach and squash for dinner. Snacked on apple and orange …

I also stopped by Whole Foods today and got some more fruit ..

Cantaloupe, kiwi, more oranges


That’s all for day 3. My next post on the diet will be updating the first week’s results.