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What a rough week! But every day did get better for the most part. Working the 3pm to midnight shift last week didn’t help but I’m back on my normal day shift so hopefully things will continue to get better.

I’ve learned a few things ….

  1. Eating significantly fewer calories makes it hard to workout like I was. I was extremely hungry on cardio days. I already had toned it down a lot but I had to make even more adjustments. I’ve removed one cardio day and replaced it with pilates. My two remaining cardio days have been reduced in intensity and length. My strength days will stay the same.
  2. I’m a wimp when it comes to being hungry. And I get grumpy. Have you ever been hungry enough to eat the apple core and seeds?
  3. I want this really bad. Otherwise I would have caved into the hunger by now. But good results = perseverance!
  4. I’ve also developed a pretty good system for food prep for this plan. Will have to share that at another time since I didn’t take pics this weekend.

My week 1 results are good!!

So, I weighed on my scale on Sunday 2/26 at 179lbs. Granted, the day before I was not “good” with my food. I ate pizza and ice cream. (gluten and dairy free, of course). I know I put on some water weight because at the gym the Tuesday before that I was at 173.5.  On my scale yesterday (3/4) I weighed 168 – so that’s 11 lbs down. On the gym scale I weighed 168.2 on Saturday. Since I weigh in every Tuesday at the gym, I’m going to continue using that weight from now forward.

Also, the body fat % was done with 7 site caliper test on 2/16. It was 28% that day. My new 7 site caliper test was 24 % done on 3/3 (Saturday). All of my circumference measurements were also done on 2/16.

I used the InBody machine at the gym to get my fat % on Saturday 3/3 and it read 31.2%. So I think I’m going to use that moving forward. I know the number isn’t as great but maybe will be more consistent than the caliper test.

Here is the chart – and as a reminder, I began this diet on 2/26.

It’s really nice to get below that 170 mark. Hoping I keep heading down!

~Digging Deep!!