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Week 2 results are in – down another 2.2 lbs. Was hoping for more, but I’ll take it. At least the number is going down! 🙂

Starting weight 2/26/2012 179
New weight 3/13/2012 163.4
Down a total of 15.6 lbs.

This has been a really tough journey for me. I’ve learned that I want to continue eating until I feel full. Even though I’m not hungry I don’t feel like I’m eating enough. I know it’s all in my mind. I’ve even thought at times (before this diet) that I over eat because I will eat until I’m full then often times I’m too full after I’ve quit eating. I think my “full button” needs to be reset – maybe that will happen.

My last post I mentioned having to slow down my exercise routine. My body simply doesn’t have the energy to perform on the level I was before but I’ve also learned to slow down while eating. Savor. Every. Bite. And I chew a lot more. All things I know I should be doing anyway. If I scarf it down in my usual fashion, it just goes too quickly – then I really feel robbed!

I’m taking nutrition classes at Life Time – called EAT – and one of the recent challenges was to eat meals without the distraction of phone, tv, computer, radio, etc. Just focus on savoring the meal, chewing and paying attention to what the body is telling you. This was one of the most difficult challenges for me. It’s sad to me that I feel like I have to be doing something while I’m eating. Have to catch up on facebook or watch something on TV – can’t stand the house to be quiet. Why? Why do I fill my life with noise and useless things, rushing through important and necessary things like eating – for what? To see who gets kicked off the singing show or to read a work email that I don’t really want to answer anyway?

{sigh} I know that I will slip up on this but I’m trying to make it a point to make my meals last longer and to enjoy peace and quiet – even for just 30 mins. Surely that’s not too much to ask of myself. I have to learn to slow down and let my body digest and repair.

I’m told my adrenals are tired, my thyroid is not functioning properly and my female hormones are not working correctly either. Throw in the RA to the mix and I’m a mess. It’s all related, I’m sure of it. And all the experts tell me that I need to slow down and let my body heal.

I’m hearing a theme for this season of life … slow down the exercise, slow down eating, slow down at work, too busy, too many things going on … sounds like a whisper from the Father, “Shhh…Be still …”

This is so hard for me to wrap my brain around. I’m an all or none type of person and when I do something, I’m all in – full speed ahead.

So – I’m slowing down – full speed ahead! 🙂

~Digging Deep! (in slow motion)