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Week 3 results are in and the trend is still downward! Yay! Another 2.5 lbs gone!! Needless to say, I’m excited and happy with this trend! We have a little competition at the gym right now, so I have to keep myself in check and be happy with the good results I’m seeing. I am just a tad competitive, so that is slightly difficult. 🙂

Starting weight 2/26/2012 179
New weight 3/20/2012 160.9
Down a total of 18.1 lbs.
Next week I will have all the other measurements redone as well … but what I can tell you is, my size 14 pants are VERY loose and baggy and my size 12 pants are loose as well. I’ve had to make 2 extra notches in my belt and I can fit into a dress that was given to me a few years ago. Don’t know the size of the dress because it was mislabeled, but I can zip it up, though it is snug. Love these small victories.

Newest observations:

  • I’m adjusting to the gaps between meals better – not so hungry and mentally I have been able to be more at peace with everything. I still struggle, just not as bad.
  • After going gluten, corn and dairy free several years ago, my seasonal allergies significantly improved. I still have occasional battles with allergies but they haven’t gone into full blown sinus infections like they used to. But I still had to blow my nose every morning when I got up and every night before bed. I’ve noticed over this past week, however, that I have NOT had to blow my nose. I don’t remember a time that I’ve ever gone without having to do that … I will certainly be taking note when the time comes to add food back in to see what was causing that!!
  • RA pain in my feet also continues to get better. It was already starting to go away before I started this plan and it continues to improve!
  • I’m enjoying slowing down some. Though it’s still hard when I see others around me working hard and the competitiveness begins to rise up in me. Good thing I have a trainer to keep me in check!
On Saturday, I let loose and enjoyed an outdoor stationary bike ride with about 800 friends. It was a lot of fun (though my trainer fussed at me for riding too hard). BUT I had a blast and it was nice to be able to ride a little harder than I have been.
Ride of a Life Time in Dallas

Me and my friend Mindy

Me and Mindy

Lindsey and Kim

View from the back

Still sweaty from the ride, Me and Mindy enjoying the basketball game after the ride. So sad that the Spurs lost to the Mavs but we had fun.

Enjoying life to the fullest!!

~Digging Deep