More results … more good news.

Total weight loss is 19.9 lbs … so close to the 20, but I’m under 160!! YEAH!!

Here’s the fun part … trying on clothes and finding that I’m down a size! Yeehaw!!









It’s been really weird looking in the mirror and seeing a skinny face staring back at me – and seeing a new body shape forming. I’ve kinda struggled with this some, actually. Not so much that I’m going backwards but rather facing some insecurities about body image, looking good and becoming comfortable in my own skin. It’s all a part of the process. Weight loss isn’t just a physical thing – it’s very emotional as well. I’ve always believed (and even experienced) that it starts with dealing with emotional baggage and I know this is just another step toward that healing.

That’s all for this week!

~Digging Deep! and still enjoying the ride!