Three steps back. Guess it happens to all of us … me included. Time for confession. I fell off the diet wagon last week. I let loose and had a little fun on Wednesday night at a vendor sponsored basketball game (Mavs – I think they won the game). I had a lot of fun – maybe a little too much? But it felt good to let loose a little bit. I had a drink and ice cream – neither of which are allowed on this diet – plus some other food to balance out the alcohol. It’s not wise to drink on such a low cal diet. Really. Trust me.

So, what’s wrong with one night of slipping? Nothing really. Except that it caused a shift in my mind-set and I began allowing myself other little cheats. Almond butter. Sunflower butter (MY FAVORITE!!!!!), Udi’s chocolate muffin, carob chips. {Sigh}. It added up. It added up to a gain of 2.7 lbs. Feels a little like my last bike crash when I was transitioning from spd clips to speed plays. I thought I had it all figured out, then wham! My calf cramped and I couldn’t get unclipped. You know the “pride before the fall” saying? Yeah.

I’m struggling to get back on track but fortunate to have those in my life to help me – especially my trainer, Kim. I’m not beating myself up – just picking myself up and getting back on track. Yesterday was good – had a challenge with the sunbutter calling to me from the pantry – I answered with walking the dog. Just hope I can continue to make those kind of choices. I think it’s harder to get back on track than it is to stay on track.

Daisy and I headed to the Redbox to return a movie - avoiding the sunbutter calling out to me in the pantry ... :O

So, here we are. Getting back up, dusting myself off, knees are a little bit skinned and bloody but no biggie. They will heal. Next time I will remember to release the clips before stopping …

Clipped in for the long haul …. and
~Digging Deep!