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It feels great to be back on track. I’ve finally got my head back in the game and the last few days have been good as far as keeping with the plan. Weigh in was encouraging today as well! Got rid of the 2.7 I gained and lost a few more ounces – 3.1 lbs down from last week bringing total weight loss down to 21.6 lbs. Under 160 – and not looking back!

My statement last week “I think it’s harder to get back on track than it is to stay on track” held true. It was really hard for me to get back to the plan – and it was mostly mental. I was having some cravings but it was also an emotional week, so I think it was mostly stressful things that were driving the cravings. BUT I’m back now. Talked through some things with some friends, got myself re-grounded and refocused (chat with God), let go of some things and the last few days have been much better! Yay!

And I have to say that my friend and trainer Kim has been such a great support on this journey. People, we can not take on life alone – it’s so important to develop a great support team. Kim has pushed me when I needed to be pushed, helped me let loose and have fun when I need to have fun (even playing 2-square during our training times), and encouraged me when I was struggling. Thanks Kim!

On a lighter note … Daisy and I had some pics in the bluebonnets taken, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here …

~Digging Deep!! Riding Strong!! Enjoying the ride!