Well, I’m a little over a week late posting week 8’s results. Since it’s so late, I’m going to keep it short and sweet — I’ve been busy and still mentally wrestling with this diet stuff. But I’ll talk more about that in week 9’s post. The results for week 8 are gain of .6lb – weigh-in on 4/24 was 158 followed by another downward sprial which I will talk about more in week 9’s post.

That’s all for now.

Haven’t given up …
~Digging Deep

Oh, almost forgot, let’s take a look at the big picture … measurement comparisons from the beginning to week 4 (3/27) to week 8 (4/24):

The orange highlighted columns are measurements by Kim, the blue is my nutrition coach, Regina – I differentiated them b/c they do their measurements a little different and I want to make sure I’m comparing apples to apples …

Anyway, the big picture is much more encouraging … approximately 7% body fat lost! Woo hoo!
Also, the Inbody scale tells me that (since 3/3) I’ve gained 3.8 lbs lean body mass (muscle) AND lost 13.9 lbs body fat.
That calls for another WOO HOO!!