A while back, a friend of mine posted a status update on Facebook about her daughter. It said something to the effect of her daughter singing the song Mighty to Save and when getting to the chorus “He rose and conquered the grave; Jesus conquered the grave” she replaced the word “grave” with “crave.” I can just imagine her belting it out at the top of her lungs … “He rose and conquered the crave; Jesus conquered the crave!” How true. This has stuck with me and every time I hear the song, I smile as I think about it.

Tonight in Celebrate Recovery, this song was in the worship set. How timely. How true. And just what I needed to be reminded of. Reflecting back on the binge and emotional eating that I’ve been struggling with, I’m reminded that Jesus even conquered the cravings when He conquered the grave. Ultimately, He is the one who will heal and restore my mind back to sanity. He is the one I must turn to to be filled and satisfied. He is the one who redeems, forgives, and makes whole. Only Jesus.

But I need a little help, so today I started counseling again. I contacted my counselor who helped me when I first began my recovery journey in 2007 and met up with her. We will have a few sessions to get me going on the right path – not just going, but going strong. She always points me back to Jesus and gives me helpful things to ponder and process along the way. Today we got caught up on all that has been going on and set some goals on what we want to accomplish. Whew … I forgot how exhausting counseling can be. I was wiped out after dumping all that. But I’m looking forward to making some progress in this area of my life.

This road is recovery. And it never ends. There are hills, valleys, and flats. I feel like I’m climbing a mountain right now, but God has apparently decided it’s time to drop some more baggage. I’m just glad I’m not alone in the journey.

~Digging Deep and Riding Strong … lightening the load …