That was my lament to my friend Cynthia this morning. I love her response…

“Awww. Yes. But each phase of all of it has it’s own magic. You are in a beautiful space of potential right now.”

….a beautiful space of potential. Yes. So much potential.

I think of all the wonderful things my children might be. I hope they are loving, kind and compassionate. Strong, confident and full of passion. Courageous, truthful and full of integrity. So many things.

I wonder what they will look like. I imagine their features developing…will they have red hair like me?

Is it strange that I already talk to them?

“Are you there, little ones?”
“Are you growing?”
“Where are you now? … still traveling down the slip ’n slide?”
“Have you nestled into your bed where you will be nourished and grow?”

By the way, speaking of potential, there is potential for 2. My Dr said 2 eggs were ready on one side and I don’t want to leave anyone out!

Of course there are two sides to potential … but I keep my thoughts focused on the positive potentials … I don’t want to worry much about the negatives. I know they’re there.

~Dwelling on potential…new life.