Welcome to my blog. This is a collection of my thoughts about the things I do in life – the things that I love, that God has called me to and that bring me joy. Sometimes they may bring me some pain as well, but that’s just life, isn’t it?

My life is far from perfect, but I’m happy with where God has me right now. There are certainly things I would change if I had the power to, but I’m learning to lean on and trust in God for my happiness. I trust that He has my best interest at heart and has good things in store for me. He has brought me to a place of contentment with being single at almost 40 and I enjoy all the things I get to do as a single person.

Feel free to peruse around and see some of the things that I enjoy about life. And some of my struggles as well.

Thanks for stopping by …

Leah, Petronilla, Purity in front of me and Omari behind me

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