My cycling habit started in the summer of 2010.  My work schedule changed for a few weeks and so I was able to try out some new classes at the gym.  I decided to try the studio cycle (spin) class.  I survived the first class and felt pretty good about it.  Even when my work schedule went back to normal, I decided to keep going back – but had to get up before the chickens to get to the 5am classes. Within a few months I met a Trainer/Instructor who talked about riding outdoors. Sounded intriguing but I only had a  $100 wal-mart mountain bike.

Joining the Cycle Club
I went on my first road ride on that beastly mountain bike. They told me it was 15-17 miles but I about died! THAT day I began shopping for my first road bike.  I ended up with a Specialized Dolce and a Specialized Sirrus (hybrid).

Specialized Dolce

It’s nothing fancy, but I like it.  Actually, I love it (as much as you can love “a thing”).  The rest is history folks. No looking back. I’m addicted to the road rides.  AND I’ve met some amazing and fun people in the cycle club. I can’t imagine not knowing them and not being friends with them. So many fun rides and so very therapeutic as well!

Me and Kim at the San Antonio GranFondo

This is my friend and trainer Kim. She is fully responsible for my cycling habit.  She probably would proudly admit it as well! 🙂

My friend Kimberly and Me

Here’s Kimberly – therapy on a bike! I love our chats on our long road rides. She is one crazy chick and so much fun!

Cycle Club in Pink

Some of our cycle club members sporting pink for breast cancer awareness week.

2 thoughts on “Cycling”

  1. Did you ever think you could love a “thing” so much as you do your bike? I find it crazy, but I love my periwinkle bike like that too. I think I love my bike more than I love riding it, so that might be a problem. Nah, I love riding it :). And, gotta love the cycling clubs or training groups! I train with a triathlon group, and I love the women in the group. Of course, I don’t ride “with” them because I’m always behind, but they’re really great as the whiz by me :).


    • Yeah, it’s weird. When I pull into the garage at night and see my bike hanging on the wall, I actually look at it with a little bit of affection. And sigh at that thought that the day is over, it’s dark and I can’t ride. {sigh} My job really interferes with what I want to do in life!


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