My long journey to finding health through nutrition started in 2009 with my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It was then that I started realizing just how destructive and healing food can be.  I’m amazed at what corporations and government allow in our food sources – appalled may be a better word to describe it.  I’m sure I’ll have many rantings about food in later blogs.

I’m currently enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – will graduate in April 2013 to be a Health Coach. I’m thinking about doing Precision Nutrition’s Coaching program as well. We’ll see.

My Health Coaching website

Read about my weight loss journey here

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite sites for great recipes and information.

Healthy Living How To
Life Time Weight Loss
Gluten Free Fitness
Gluten Free Goddess
Simply Gluten Free

2 thoughts on “Nutrition”

  1. Great job on continuing you journey. I too am an all in person, but I tend to lose drive when I am close to my goals. I have found out one major issue I have that causes me to give up…. Disappointment. I work do hard and if the scale does not show it, I tend to give up. I am trying to change that attitude. I agree that the fads people follow are not helpful in the long run. For example, I know I can loose a large amount of weight quickly by strictly reducing my carbs, but I know the second the scale is not my cheering fan, I will eat something not really good for me. So, I have tried to cut out most carbs in the beginning to reduce cravings, but if I have cravings, I will not deny myself a healthy option. Berries and oatmeal may not be on the list for some people, but if I do not indulge my tastebuds with healthy substitutes, I will fail and failure is not an option.
    Good luck to you. I hope your body heals and you are able to pick up activities you enjoy at the pace that is most beneficial to you. God bless you and keep you strong, focused, and pressing on. It is much easier to press on towards the goal for which we have been called heavenward in Christ if we have fit bodies and swift feet.

    • I certainly get the disappointment part and the scale has not been kind to me, either. I’ve been on the weight roller coaster since 2010 and I’m ready for the ride to end! I’ve been fortunate to have encouraging people in my life who keep me accountable and keep me moving forward. My trainer and weight loss coach at Life Time help me to find answers and keep tweaking my program until we find what works for me. I reject the answers from those good intentioned people who say, “maybe your body is happy where it is …” because I don’t believe it’s healthy. Granted it’s healthier than it was, but still more to do.

      Here’s a supplement that I use to help me through my sugar cravings … I don’t need it now and it really works well!

      Good luck to you as well!!

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