Here are some of my favorite food intolerance and nutrition resources:
This list will grow … if you have favs, let me know and I’ll check them out.

Gluten Free Fitness
Elana’s Pantry (really good recipes/almond flour based stuff)
Nourishing Meals
Gluten Free For Good
Gluten Free Diva

Go Dairy Free (lots of helpful info here and stories of those who are df)
Daiya (wonderful dairy free and soy free cheese)
So Delicious Dairy Free (YUM!)

Sunbutter (Sunflower seed butter – I’m addicted)
Once Again (many diff nut/seed butters – organic)

General Nutrition/Recipes
Healthy Living How To  (amazing recipes here!! – my fav site for healthy recipes)
Life Time Weight Loss  (great articles about health)
Paleo Parents (they have cook book for kids!)
Whole Life Nutrition
Produce List with Pesticide info (buy the top items organic) 

Misc Products I Like
Applegate Farms
Sunshine Burgers (made w/sunflower seeds)

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