Rheumatoid Arthritis

All of my adult life I have struggled with fatigue and achiness.  It was a daily thing and I don’t remember a time of ever really feeling good physically.  I have also been overweight since my 6th or 7th grade year.  I had sleep apnea and had to sleep with a CPAP machine – not comfortable at all!!  The fatigue and achiness got worse and worse and then my joints started swelling and hurting – especially in my hands.  I couldn’t make a fist with my hands couldn’t knock on doors without pain in my knuckles.  In the spring of 2009 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Around the same time I started seeing a new chiropractor to help me with my fatigue.  And just so you know, when I say “fatigue,” I’m not talking about being tired.  The fatigue I experienced was so bad that my muscles hurt – I would have spells where I couldn’t even function because I hurt so badly.  Using his method called applied kinesiology, my chiropractor is able to tap into what’s going on in my body and we began unraveling the many things causing my health issues.  He also did food allergy testing – using both blood tests and muscle testing.  While the MDs in my life were pushing me to take meds for RA, I decided to take the natural route and work with my chiro to see if what he was telling me to do would work.  The meds that the rheumatologist prescribed had a scary side effect of causing blindness.  Really?  The chiro asked me to remove some foods from my diet that came back as causing reactions in my body.  The initial list was: chocolate, peanuts, red pepper and red food coloring.  These were the first things that showed up in muscle testing.  Do you know how much processed food contains red food coloring?  You might be surprised.  In two weeks I lost 10 lbs.  Then my blood test results came back – wheat, gluten, dairy, and brewer’s yeast were the suspects.  I removed those things from my diet (it was a HARD transition) and within 4 months the debilitating fatigue was gone as well as the swelling and pain in my hands.  I felt well enough that I began walking around my neighborhood for exercise.  I dropped another 50 lbs.

The MDs didn’t believe me that food was making me sick.  My primary said he didn’t believe that food allergies would have anything to do with fatigue and the other (the rheumatologist) said, “you could always start eating gluten again to see if the symptoms come back ..”  They must have lost their minds.

This is what I believe:  The standard American diet is poison.  Our bodies are remarkably and wonderfully made – very resilient, but can only take so much poison.  Your body, the one God gave you to take care of, has a threshold of stress (environmental, emotional, and physical) that it can take and once it reaches that threshold it starts screaming and eventually shuts down.  We need to listen.  Remove the stress and it begins to function again.  Remove the poison – processed food, emotional baggage, etc.

I eat as much organic food as I am able with very little processed food.  There are lots of gluten free things out there now, but processed is processed … be careful.  For the most part, I try to stick with fresh meats, fruits and veggies  — rotating them out so that I don’t develop more sensitivities.  And I have added to my food sensitivity list some other things that I’ve noticed don’t agree with my system.

Makes me wonder how many other autoimmune disorders are caused by our SAD.  Someone should do some research on that.

BTW – I’m off that blasted CPAP machine. No more sleep apnea.

In 2011 my RA symptoms reappeared and I’m currently on the journey of trying to figure out why.  This time it was in my hands and feet. I have been able to get the inflammation out of my hands, but the feet still remain an issue.  I haven’t quit though. I’m not caving to the pressure of taking dangerous medications. No chemo for me.  It will be the absolute last resort.

It’s 2013 and I am now learning how to use essential oils to heal my body. What an amazing and eye-opening journey this is. I had no idea that there were truly pure all natural substances with such power to heal the human body. But it makes sense – they’ve been used since Biblical times. Check out my landing page to learn about my health coaching and my latest adventure in learning about healing with essential oils.

Arete Nutrition

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