I enjoy seeing the world. God has created such a wonderful place for His kids to play.  There are so many beautiful places to see, wonderful new cultures to experience, and amazing people to meet.

My first experience leaving the US was a mission trip to Mexico when I was in college.  We traveled near Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico – a mountainous area – to a village where we built an outhouse for the community. I’ll have to find pics for this trip. It was quite an adventure. We saw Copper Canyon along the way as well as many other sights.

I’ve done a few road trips in the US as well.

In college I had two different road adventures. One was to Kentucky. We left Siloam Springs, Arkansas (our college town) and headed for the blue grass state. We planned on camping out along the way – just our luck, though, it ended up snowing and was incredibly cold. We slept in the car and even hung out at a rest stop one night.  But we made it, driving through Memphis, Nashville and finally up into Kentucky. Both of us are horse lovers, so our goal was to see some great horse ranches, which we did.

The second college road trip was to Boulder, Co. What a blast. We broke down in a small town in OK – I think it was Tonkawa. We ended up having to stay the night until someone could come and get us. We finally made it — and I had my first experience snow skiing. I hated it. I need to try that again. But I went down the mountain on my butt – in jeans. It was miserable.

In 2007, two of my closest friends and I decided to go see the Grand Canyon. There are so many cool places along the way, so we plotted out our adventure and called it “The National Parks Tour.” We saw Guadalupe Mtns National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, (drove past) Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone … did I miss any? This was an amazingly fun trip!

But my heart is in Kenya. I’ve been 3 times and I love those people. I truly miss the kids and struggle coming back home after I leave.

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